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Shake and rattle – roll on the JB Weld thread lock

Very few automotive applications are as demanding as truck and commercial vehicle repairs as the amount time and kilometres travelled are huge in comparison with an everyday car.

Not only that, but the vibration and harshness of a component’s environment cause many unwanted side effects. Bolts rattle loose, screws come undone, nuts unwind – these problems not only cause downtime, which means money for a commercial vehicle owner, but they can also cause serious accidents.

JB Weld is on the case with a range of thread lockers that offer a reliable solution ideal for use on all mechanical parts, body assemblies and other applications where fasteners can work loose from shock and vibration.

Seven variants are available in medium strength, high strength and low viscosity. These products can be used on rocker arms, stud bolts, frame bolts, fasteners, bushes, screws and any vibration sensitive parts.

Every one of the JB Weld Perma-lock range is temperature resistant to 148°C and ideal for parts from ¼” to 1” fasteners. The range is OEM approved and comes in a no spill, drip or clog packaging.

JB Weld Perma-lock Blue

Perma-lock Blue is a medium strength thread locker ideal for fastener applications that require easy disassembly using hand tools. It is available with every size workshop in mind as it comes in a handy 6ml blue tube that can easily fit into any transportable tool kit ideal for on-the-road repairs. There are also 13ml and 36ml tubes available.

JB Weld Perma-lock Red

Perma-lock Red is a high strength thread locker that requires heat and hand tools to separate parts once they have been treated. It is available in 6ml, 13ml and 36ml sizes to cater for any application and location – workshop or on-site repairs.

JB Weld Perma-lock Green

Perma-lock Green is a low viscosity green thread locker that penetrates between part surfaces for a secure seal with no disassembly needed, so it can be applied to pre-assembled parts. It is particularly useful for carburettor adjustment screws, distributor bolts, preassembled nuts and bolts and set screws. It is only available in a 6ml tube.

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