The evolution of quality products in water pressure cleaners and air compressors

Pressure Washers – Jetpower Pressure Washers are made to the highest standards. Four electric models that range from price entry to top range at 2,300 psi maximum pressure rating. Dynamic packaging and a highly competitive offer. A no fuss 12 months replacement warranty ( 3 months on commercial use).

Air Compressors – Four models make up the range of Jetpower Air Compressors – 38 litre single piston, 75 Litre twin piston, 95 Litre single piston and 155 Litre twin piston units. The 155 Litre also has an inbuilt circuit relay to prevent amperage spike which will cause switch burn out.

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High quality single and double cylinder air compressors. Ea
Pressure Washers – Heavy duty construction; dynamic retail